About This Blog

Making blog posts is a way for me to share what I learn from our independent homeschooling. So Be AmaZedd is more like a showcase for my outputs and projects.

But, I also want to help as many people as I can, especially those people who loves to learn programming. That’s why I have a blog category called Learn Python and Learn Django.

Besides the fact that playing guitar is my hobby, it is also a way for me to train my ears. How? During free times, I grope for the tabs for each and every original song that can be found on jw.org. After groping, I share these guitar tabs on my blog category called JW Guitar Tabs.

Sometimes, I’ve got some questions, just simple questions, that really bothers me whenever I don’t know the answer. So I often research for these questions. Once I got the answer, I am sharing it on another blog category: Did you know?

And then I also got the blog category Learn Mandarin Chinese. This is where I’ve shared my own audio recordings for this language. To make the learning easy and simple, I broke the sentences and phrases into word by word. You can try learning this beautiful language.

Thank you so much for hanging here with me! Hopefully, the number of these categories will grow. For now, pick a category of your choice, start reading, learn, and enjoy!