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Queegqueg started relating his life story to Ishmael. To begin with, he is a native Rokovoko. His father was a high chief, his uncle a high priest, and his aunts were wives of unconquerable warriors.

One day, a Sag Harbour ship passed by their island. And Queegqueg sought passage to the Christian lands. When this ship had departed from their island, he got on a canoe and followed their ship. When he was able to catch up with it, he climbed up.

Sag Harbour Ship in Moby Dick Chapter 12 Summary.
Sag Harbour Ship.

Now, the ship was full of seamen. Sadly, they disrespected him and the captain threatened to throw him overboard. In spite of that, Queegqueg strongly and courageously stayed on the ship because he wanted to visit Christendom

As a result, he amazed the captain, and he made Queegqueg vow. Next, the captain said that he can make himself at home aboard the ship. Yet he never saw the captain’s cabin since they put him down among the sailors, and made a whaleman out of him.

He wanted to learn from the Christians so that he could teach his own people. And his goal was to make his own people happier than they already were. However, he got convinced during his whaling time that Christians could be both miserable and wicked, than that of his father’s religion. Because of all the Christians he’s seen and sailed with, it made him swore to die as a pagan.

By hints, Ishmael asked Queegqueg if he plans to go back to his island for the throne, stating that his father could probably be dead by now. Queegqueg answered no, not yet; not until he felt baptized again.

So he asked Queegqueg what he plans to do next. He learned that Queegqueg would also like to go to sea again. Correspondingly, Ishmael said that he plans to go to Nantucket. From that day on, they were both on on the same clock, on the same vessel, and on the same mess. Consequently, Ishmael’s affection for Queegqueg grew.

Queegqueg’s story ended with his pipe’s last dying puff. He embraced Ishmael, pressed his forehead against his, blew the light out on the light lantern, and finally went back to sleep.

End of Moby Dick Chapter 12: Biographical (summary).

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