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Ishmael followed Queegqueg downstairs. Downstairs, he saw the landlord’s grinning face, and walked on awkwardly. Upon getting to the bar-room, it was full of whalemen—chief mates, second mates, third mates, sea carpenters, sea-coopers, sea blacksmiths, harpooners, and ship-keepers. It was a brown and a brawn company.

Over there, one fellow had been sun-toasted, but he had a pear cheek in hue. The man next to him looked a few shades lighter. The third close to the second one had a tropic-tan complexion. But Queegqueg is different. He is barred with various tints.

Shortly, breakfast started, and Ishmael had himself prepared for good stories about whaling. Surprisingly, every man at the table was silent. Here is a set of valiant sea-dogs who dueled the great whales at sea with a brave stance. Yet here they are, around the breakfast table, as silent as meek sheep.

Queegqueg was at the head of the table, sitting there as cool as an icicle. Interestingly, he brought his harpoon with him to breakfast. He reached over the table and over his company’s heads with his harpoon, and grappled the beefsteaks towards him.

After breakfast, Queegqueg withdrew into the public room like the rest. He lighted his tomahawk pipe, sat with his inseparable hat on, smoked, and puffed. Ishmael went out to the Spouter-Inn to stroll the streets.

Tomahawk pipe in Moby Dick Chapter 5 Summary.
Tomahawk pipe.

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