Why Homeschool?

While your teacher teaches something at school, have you ever wondered, “Do we really need to learn these?” I think you’ll agree that there are many subjects at school that our parents or other adults haven’t really used in their jobs and in life. Some would just want to be a music composer when they grow up but taught about complicated Math at school. 

This is one of the problems that our homeschooling has solved! Instead of getting into unrelated subjects that are uncertain to be useful for our jobs, we focus on the things that really matter: skills

Take a kid who wants to be a programmer as an example. In college schools, teachers base their teachings on outdated books about programming. But many programming languages, as we know them, progress and update continuously.

Moreover, their teachings are mixed up with other unrelated subjects that may be useful to programming, but don’t apply now which we know will be later forgotten and studied again personally. We are aware that we may need these subjects for our jobs. 

But our memory is not perfect, let’s admit that. Meaning, when the right time comes that we need what we learned at school, but we seem to completely forget it, what do we do? We would study it again. The point is this: Why not study something by the time you’ll need to use it, considering our memory factor?

This is another problem that the school system offers to kids and yet solved by our homeschooling. This is what we do now: Learn and acquire the skills really needed to get a job, and get a job to support our service to Jehovah God. 

Exempli gratia: right now, we decided to stop other subjects and focus on acquiring advanced skills. We agreed that we would study something that will be really needed in life and in work. I’m focused in programming; my sister in UX design.

Yes, I guess you’ll say that we are far more advanced than other kids who still want to study for 5 years, a decade, or more. And that’s the reason we homeschooled. Isn’t it amazing?

Another support to our cause is this blog post. It was written by my dad. You’ll know other reasons why our parents decided to homeschool us, instead of letting us go to a public or a private school. This article will be both for parents and their children.