Hi! Thank you for being here! In this article, you’ll know the purpose of this website and what each category has in store for you. You’ll also know the idea behind this website’s logo. Let’s jump right in!


As you may have read in the About Zedd page, my family and I tried out homeschooling in 2019. And our head teacher (my father, that is) encouraged us to share in our websites (my younger sister has a website, too: marucarlyn.com) everything that we were learning from our homeschooling.

Obviously, we weren’t able to put everything that we’ve learned from our homeschooling here in this website. I tried my best to put the important ones though. Besides, it would be repetitive, or rather, redundant if I were to put, for example, the calculus or biology lessons here.


I have the Programming Courses category for those who’d want to learn how to program using Python and Django. This category has those 2 subcategories: Learn Python (lessons posted from September 22, 2019 to October 17, 2019) and Learn Django (from October 10, 2019 to October 29, 2020).

Note: As the dates of when these lessons were posted imply, some syntax or code are outdated or obsolete. But I won’t be updating these posts because of the continuous developments Python and Django communities are putting into these programming tools. So please see the latest features and syntax they make in the official Python docs and Django docs. You’re always welcome, though, to read on the Python and Django courses I have here; its sole purpose was to drill what I’m learning to my head by writing about what I’m learning. Learned this on my Coding subject back when I was homeschooling. Hope that made sense.

You can check out the Coding Projects category for the projects I built. JustColor! is one of these projects.

During my homeschooling, I transcribed guitar tabs for our songs found in jw.org as a part of my Music subject. It was a way for me to train my ears of guitar notes. These guitar tabs are available on the JW Guitar Tabs category.

The Drawings category is a showcase for all my drawings. I draw whenever I have free time. Sadly, at the moment, I don’t have the free time to do so, so…

During my homeschooling days, I record each Mandarin Chinese word, phrase, and sentence and upload them on posts under the Learn Mandarin Chinese category. You are welcome to try learning this beautiful language using these short audio recordings, in addition to what you may be currently using!

Finally, Moby Dick summary is where I post my own summarization for each of the book’s chapters. For each post, I’ve included the vocabulary words, their definitions, and also their Tagalog translations.

Why That Logo (BeAmaZedd=>)?

At first glance, you might see the logo of this website seem to be a bit weird. Trust me, you’re the one who’s weird. (**cricket sound**) Just kidding. Let me explain:

  1. First of all, I want to amaze you by what I do here. (Wow)
  2. Second, Zedd is my nickname. (Hehe)
  3. That arrow (‘=>’) is a symbol programmers use for declaring functions. I am a programmer. 🙂
  4. Finally (this is the most subtle part of the logo, you won’t notice it at first), when you take a look at that ‘d=>’, there seems nothing special about it—it just looks like a regular arrow. But take a look at it sideways, you’ll see a smiley, amazed person, with a cap on even! (Cool, huh?)

If you made it down here, congratulations! 😒 You may now pick a category of your choice, start reading, go explore, and be amazed!