Welcome to the author section! Here you’ll discover more about the creative mind behind this website—Zed. I’m truly delighted you’re taking the time to learn about the individual voice that shaped these pages. Your curiosity and interest are greatly valued.

Zed is a full stack web developer. He utilizes JavaScript frameworks such as Svelte, SvelteKit, React, Express, NextJS, NodeJS, and Angular. Hence, this website’s tagline: Focused on acquiring crucial skills. Check out some of his works (when he was still learning for practice) on this page.

Besides acquiring this practical skill to support his pioneering, he’s also acquired the skill of having relative pitch to correctly transcribe the right notes for our JW Songs. These guitar tabs are available in JW Guitar Tabs. Check it out!

Zed attended private school from grades 1 through 8 and public school for grades 9 and 10. In 2019, when it was time for 11th grade, his family transitioned to independent homeschooling. That was when this site was born. He formerly used this website to share what he has learned from their homeschooling. Read more about it on this page.

Like many, he’s passionate about music. And similarly to numerous other Jehovah’s Witnesses, Zed enjoys listening to our Kingdom, Original, and Children’s Original songs, as well as to a wide range of music genres such as pop, classical, jazz, and modern jazz.

With the desire to help Chinese-speaking people in the Philippines to learn about Jehovah and about God’s Kingdom, he has learned a few conversational Mandarin Chinese, in addition to what we have in our JW Language app.

You’ll find that Zed enjoys doodling and drawing nature scenes when time and mood permit, as one’s feelings can undoubtedly influence artistic expression. Some of his drawings are shared in the Drawings category.

I hope this introduction has helped you to get to know Zed a little more. If you’re curious to learn more about the purpose and content of this website, I encourage you to check out the About this Site page. Feel free to explore, and I look forward to your future visits!

Last updated: April 17, 2024