Welcome! In this update, you’ll find some amazing infos regarding our scheduled releases for the guitar tabs, its new and enhanced tablature formatting, and what you can do to support JW Guitar Tabs.

Release Schedule

We will release new guitar tabs for two Kingdom songs every Friday at 5 PM (Philippine Time), starting tomorrow, March 29, 2024! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for fresh musical content every week!

Enhanced Tablature Formatting for JW Guitar Tabs

We have upgraded the format to include musical notations and bar lines for a more guided and visually appealing guitar playing experience, leaving behind the basic guitar tabs with lines and dashes. However, we will remove the guitar tabs for the intro of the songs.

Lyrics and Copyright

We always respect the Copyright and Terms of Use set on jw.org. Therefore, we will not include the lyrics to any of the JW songs in the guitar tabs. You can always refer to the official music sheets or lead sheets on jw.org for the lyrics accompanying each song.

How Can I Support JW Guitar Tabs Upon Reading this Update?

Well, all you need to do is to keep on checking back often and also share the guitar tabs that you love with your friends who play the guitar as well. I’m sure they’re gonna love it as much as you do!

Now, please enjoy practicing these tabs, try out the old and new releases, and enjoy our songs of praises to our wonderful God, Jehovah! More updates are coming, so get ready to jam! Browse on the guitar tabs that are available in the JW Guitar Tabs page. You may also check the JW Guitar Tabs category.

“O Jehovah… we will play [our] songs on stringed instruments all the days of our life.”—Isaiah 38:20.