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New! “Good News”! (2024 Convention Song) guitar tabs out now!

Kingdom Songs (Guitar Tabs)

Song 1: Jehovah’s Attributes

Song 2: Jehovah Is Your Name

Song 3: Our Strength, Our Hope, Our Confidence

Song 4: “Jehovah Is My Shepherd”

Song 5: God’s Wondrous Works

Song 6: The Heavens Declare God’s Glory

Song 7: Jehovah, Our Strength

Song 8: Jehovah Is Our Refuge

Song 9: Jehovah Is Our King!

Song 10: Praise Jehovah Our God!

Song 11: Creation Praises God

Song 12: Great God, Jehovah

Song 13: Christ, Our Model

Song 14: Praising Earth’s New King

Song 15: Praise Jehovah’s Firstborn!

Song 16: Praise Jah for His Son, the Anointed

Song 17: “I Want To”

Song 18: Grateful for the Ransom

Song 19: The Lord’s Evening Meal

Song 20: You Gave Your Precious Son

Song 21: Keep On Seeking First the Kingdom

Song 22: The Kingdom Is in Place​—Let It Come!

Song 23: Jehovah Begins His Rule

Song 24: Come to Jehovah’s Mountain

Song 25: A Special Possession

Song 26: You Did It for Me

Song 27: The Revealing of God’s Sons

Song 28: Gaining Jehovah’s Friendship

Song 29: Living Up to Our Name

Song 30: My Father, My God and Friend

Song 31: Oh, Walk With God!

Song 32: Take Sides With Jehovah!

Song 33: Throw Your Burden on Jehovah

Song 34: Walking in Integrity

Song 35: “Make Sure of the More Important Things”

Song 36: We Guard Our Hearts

Song 37: Serving Jehovah Whole-Souled

Song 38: He Will Make You Strong

Song 39: Make a Good Name With God

Song 40: To Whom Do We Belong?

Song 41: Please Hear My Prayer

Song 42: The Prayer of God’s Servant

Song 43: A Prayer of Thanks

Song 44: A Prayer of the Lowly One

Song 45: The Meditation of My Heart

Song 46: We Thank You, Jehovah

Song 47: Pray to Jehovah Each Day

Song 48: Daily Walking With Jehovah

Song 49: Making Jehovah’s Heart Glad

Song 50: My Prayer of Dedication

Song 51: To God We Are Dedicated!

Song 52: Christian Dedication

Song 53: Preparing to Preach

Song 54: “This Is the Way”

Song 55: Fear Them Not!

Song 56: Make the Truth Your Own

Song 57: Preaching to All Sorts of People

Song 58: Searching for Friends of Peace

Song 59: Praise Jah With Me

Song 60: It Means Their Life

Song 61: Forward, You Witnesses!

Song 62: The New Song

Song 63: We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses!

Song 64: Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest

Song 65: Move Ahead!

Song 66: Declare the Good News

Song 67: “Preach the Word”

Song 68: Sowing Kingdom Seed

Song 69: Go Forward in Preaching the Kingdom!

Song 70: Search Out Deserving Ones

Song 71: We Are Jehovah’s Army!

Song 72: Making Known the Kingdom Truth

Song 73: Grant Us Boldness

Song 74: Join in the Kingdom Song!

Song 75: “Here I Am! Send Me!”

Song 76: How Does It Make You Feel?

Song 77: Light in a Darkened World

Song 78: “Teaching the Word of God”

Song 79: Teach Them to Stand Firm

Song 80: “Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good”

Song 81: The Life of a Pioneer

Song 82: “Let Your Light Shine”

Song 83: “From House to House” (Guitar Tabs)

Song 84: Reaching Out (Guitar Tabs)

Song 85: Welcome One Another (Guitar Tabs)

Song 86: We Must Be Taught (Guitar Tabs)

Song 87: Come! Be Refreshed (Guitar Tabs)

Song 88: Make Me Know Your Ways (Guitar Tabs)

Song 89: Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed (Guitar Tabs)

Song 90: Encourage One Another (Guitar Tabs)

Song 91: Our Labor of Love (Guitar Tabs)

Song 92: A Place Bearing Your Name (Guitar Tabs)

Song 93: Bless Our Meeting Together (Guitar Tabs)

Song 94: Grateful for God’s Word (Guitar Tabs)

Song 95: The Light Gets Brighter (Guitar Tabs)

Song 96: God’s Own Book—A Treasure (Guitar Tabs)

Song 97: Life Depends on God’s Word (Guitar Tabs)

Song 98: The Scriptures​—Inspired of God (Guitar Tabs)

Song 99: Myriads of Brothers (Guitar Tabs)

Song 100: Receive Them With Hospitality

Song 101: Working Together in Unity

Song 102: “Assist Those Who Are Weak”

Song 103: Shepherds—Gifts in Men

Song 104: God’s Gift of Holy Spirit (Guitar Tabs)

Song 105: “God Is Love” (Guitar Tabs)

Song 106: Cultivating the Quality of Love (Guitar Tabs)

Song 107: The Divine Pattern of Love (Guitar Tabs)

Song 108: God’s Loyal Love (Guitar Tabs)

Song 109: Love Intensely From the Heart (Guitar Tabs)

Song 110: “The Joy of Jehovah” (Guitar Tabs)

Song 111: Our Reasons for Joy (Guitar Tabs)

Song 112: Jehovah, God of Peace (Guitar Tabs)

Song 113: Our Possession of Peace (Guitar Tabs)

Song 114: “Exercise Patience” (Guitar Tabs)

Song 115: Gratitude for Divine Patience (Guitar Tabs)

Song 116: The Power of Kindness (Guitar Tabs)

Song 117: The Quality of Goodness (Guitar Tabs)

Song 118: “Give Us More Faith” (Guitar Tabs)

Song 119: We Must Have Faith (Guitar Tabs)

Song 120: Imitate Christ’s Mildness (Guitar Tabs)

Song 121: We Need Self-Control (Guitar Tabs)

Song 122: Be Steadfast, Immovable! (Guitar Tabs)

Song 123: Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order (Guitar Tabs)

Song 124: Ever Loyal (Guitar Tabs)

Song 125: “Happy Are the Merciful!” (Guitar Tabs)

Song 126: Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty (Guitar Tabs)

Song 127: The Sort of Person I Should Be (Guitar Tabs)

Song 128: Enduring to the End (Guitar Tabs)

Song 129: We Will Keep Enduring (Guitar Tabs)


Original Songs (Guitar Tabs)

The Best Life Ever (Guitar Tabs; higher notes)

The Best Life Ever (Guitar Tabs; lower notes)

We Won’t Forget You (Guitar Tabs)

What Means the Most to Me (Guitar Tabs)

Never Give Up (Guitar Tabs)

“Honor Jehovah With Your Valuable Things” (Guitar Tabs)

Give You My All (Guitar Tabs)

Glad I Passed the Test (Guitar Tabs)

Now Is the Time (Guitar Tabs)

Just a Smile (Guitar Tabs)

Finding Treasures (Guitar Tabs)

Jehovah Welcomes You Home (Guitar Tabs)

Joy Of Conventions (Guitar Tabs)

I Give You My Best (Guitar Tabs)

Take Your Time, Choose Wisely (Guitar Tabs)

Imagine the Time (Guitar Tabs)

Keep the Pace (Guitar Tabs)

Blessings of Learning a Language (Guitar Tabs)

Don’t Run So Fast (Guitar Tabs)

“Follow the Course of Hospitality” (Guitar Tabs)

Our Thanks Go to You (Guitar Tabs)

Where I Belong (Guitar Tabs)

Choices (Guitar Tabs)

Forgive One Another (Guitar Tabs)

Just Around the Corner (Guitar Tabs)

Study Makes You Strong (Guitar Tabs)

Your Word Endures Forever (Guitar Tabs)

Stop, Think, and Pray (Guitar Tabs)

Building My Future With Jehovah (Guitar Tabs)

Faith Can Make Things Happen (Guitar Tabs)

I Keep Your Reminders (Guitar Tabs)

I Can Get Back Up (Guitar Tabs)

We Marvel at Your Work (Guitar Tabs)

Precious Daughter (Guitar Tabs)

Let’s Take the Leap (Guitar Tabs)

Look at Me (Guitar Tabs)

Inspired by Your Wonders (Guitar Tabs; higher notes)

Inspired By Your Wonders (Guitar Tabs; lower notes)

Important Things (Guitar Tabs)

Truly in Love (Guitar Tabs)

A Place That Will Bring You Praise (Guitar Tabs)

Confident in You (Guitar Tabs)

I’m Making a Change (Guitar Tabs)

Never Alone (Guitar Tabs)

Brotherly Love (Guitar Tabs)

Do Not Be Afraid (Guitar Tabs)

The Search (Guitar Tabs)

True Friends (Guitar Tabs)

You Can Count on Me (Guitar Tabs)

With Jehovah, We are One (Guitar Tabs)

Give Me Courage Guitar Tabs

All I Can Give (Guitar Tabs)

Each Day Has Its Own Anxieties (Guitar Tabs)

Be Courageous and Strong (Guitar Tabs)

Thankful for God’s Creation (Guitar Tabs)

We’re Your Family (Guitar Tabs)

“Fight the Fine Fight of the Faith” (Guitar Tabs)

Jehovah’s Always by Our Side (Guitar Tabs)

The New World To Come (Guitar Tabs)

I Give My Life to You (Guitar Tabs)

Unfailing Love (Guitar Tabs)

Roll It on Him (Guitar Tabs)

Just Like a Child (Guitar Tabs)

Please Be Convinced (Guitar Tabs)

Forgive Freely (Guitar Tabs)

Our Joy Eternally (Guitar Tabs)

Run the Race (Guitar Tabs)

We Won’t Stop Now (Guitar Tabs)

With Eyes of Faith (Guitar Tabs)

Peace at Last! (Guitar Tabs)

“It Will Not Be Late!” (Guitar Tabs)

“Good News”! (2024 Convention Song) Guitar Tabs


Children Songs (Guitar Tabs)


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