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  1. My brother, this is the most amazing website I’ve ever seen. I love what you are doing. I’m Mitch, 15, from Australia. I’ve been trying to learn to code in Python for a long time now because I want to do pretty much exactly what you do for work.

    I’ve recently taken up guitar and really appreciate how easy you’ve made it to play the songs we all enjoy as witnesses.

    How did you learn to code? I keep hitting walls and I don’t really understand how to get into that field so as to land a job.

    1. Hello brother! Thank you for your appreciation and for reaching out to me.

      Well, about coding, I learned it by following on Udemy courses and frequently visit StackOverflow along the way. But that was before. I rarely visit Stackoverflow nowadays because the AI generation has emerged, like ChatGPT and Claude. But yeah, I started out by buying Udemy courses for HTMl, CSS, and JavaScript. After the course, I began creating a project of my own, applying everything that I’ve learned to the project as much as I can.

      Finally, I picked one of the JavaScript frameworks that are available out there: The most matured framework is Angular; most popular is React; and the most loved (which is my favorite coz it’s the easiest to learn n use and most efficient framework for me) is Svelte. So u gotta pick one bro.

      In summary, I didn’t go to college, and didn’t even go to senior high; just went straight to learning how to code because that’s all I need for my job, you know. Then when you start to code, just code it. Don’t try to learn everything about coding first and then code; no! Just code while you learn.

      Note: I use Svelte for frontend, Django (a Python framework) for the backend. For Django, I just started using it directly to my projects then look things up on the official docs or ask ChatGPT, without taking any Udemy courses for Django.

      Hope this helps. Update me of your progress bro hehe And if you could find someone who you can ask for help there in AU as you progress for additional assistance, that’ll give you so many benefits as well. Wish you the best!

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