6 Replies to “Song 2: Jehovah Is Your Name (Guitar Tabs)”

  1. Dear Br. Zedd,

    It was so good to find your site, while I was trying to find tablature for Kingdom Songs. Compared with others I found before, your tabs are so much easier! I was a great pleasure to be able to play the songs so quickly.
    Unfortunately I did not yet find my favourite song yet: He will make you strong (nr. 38). Hopefully you find enough time and motivation to continue extending your tablature of Kingdom Songs.
    Your other interests, of course apart from you being a pioneer, are also impressive. You really have been gifted by Jehovah!
    With Christian Love,

    1. Hello Monica, thank you for coming to my site! And I’m glad that you liked my guitar tabs for our Kingdom Songs. I’m happy to tell you that I’m going to post song 38 this Sunday (August 2, 2020), with our 2nd original song, “We Won’t Forget You.” It’s one of my favorite songs too so I was able to grope the tabs for this song before song 16. I promise, I’ll post my guitar tabs for ALL our kingdom songs every week. So, stay tuned! Thanks again Monica, enjoy, and keep safe!

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