6 Replies to “Song 4: “Jehovah Is My Shepherd” (Guitar Tabs)”

  1. Hi, Zedd! (And I assume I spelled right.) I’m a sister from Manila. I was looking for some guitar tabs for practice when I chanced upon your site, and it’s AMAZING! I’ve always wanted to get tabs on our songs, not just chords, so your posts are a humungous advantage, actually, so thank you for posting these! Just in time to practice in between convention days, haha!

    Hope you guys are well there and keeping the pace as well. Stay safe!

    1. Hello, Eunice! (Yes you spelled it right.) Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad that you liked the tabs for our Kingdom Songs! I’ll keep on posting them all here, so stay tuned!

      Hope you guys are well there in Manila and have a happy convention, too! Keep safe!

  2. Hi Bro! My name is Davide and i’m writing from Italy, Sicily. Forgive some error, i want to thank you for the Tab that you posted on this site. It is very simple to play! May i suggest you to put the tabs in a format that we can copy and paste not like image, so this is simple to reduce the html of the page and visualize more tabs in the same page. I even note that in the tabs of this song i think that the sequence is (start3X) first image “el 5-3-1” No 0, and then “Bl 4-3”. Hope you will post other song like “The miracle of life”. With love,
    Your Brother

    1. Hello, bro Davide! I’ve already made a few changes for this song’s tabs. I’ll see what I can do about converting them into text. Sure! I’ll keep on posting them! Thanks for your suggestions and thanks for visiting my website! Enjoy and stay safe!

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