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  1. WOW. Zeddrix Fabian….
    I do not know how to thank you. I recently took up Guitar, because of a bleed on the brain and a brother gave me a classical guitar to help me get my coordination in back in my brain and body. It took me over two years to learn the first verse as I was doing it on my own as I could not make appointments for lessons as I never knew when I would be able to practice. After a while I had a few lessons and progressed a lot quicker. As I find it difficult to concentrate I haven’t tried to learnt to read music, but discovered tabs. I found a few sites that did a few kingdom songs, but I require easy tabs as I also suffer from arthritis in my hands so can’t play many chords.i haven’t had chance to look through your whole site yet, but the few kingdom and original songs I’ve looked at are so brilliant for me to learn kingdom songs. Thank you. Thank you. I’m now going to look more thoroughly at your site and will be helping you if I can to help you reach the goal, of pioneering. I feel Jehovah has helped me find you because he knows I love music and I try to concentrate on music from the society rather than the music I enjoy of the world. Thank you my dear brother. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much brother David for sharing your experience here. Hearing it made me sad but I’m glad that you kept on trusting in Jehovah. We’re so thankful that Jehovah, through his organization, provides a lot of upbuilding and motivating Kingdom songs and Original songs such as this! May these continue to help you as you enjoy playing the guitar tabs. And thank you so much for showing your generosity and support! May Jehovah continue to bless you and your family!

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