Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. It’s wonderful to be back! I’ve missed creating posts for this website, especially making guitar tabs and everything else.

To all the loyal visitors, thank you for your patience and continued support. I’m sure you’ve exhausted every guitar tab I have here, and I apologize for the long wait. Rest assured, I have read and replied to all your comments over the past two years.

To all new visitors, a warm welcome! My name is Zeddrix, and you can get to know me better by reading this page about me.

In this article, I’d like to share where I’ve been, how the past two years have been for me, and what’s next. Please read on!

The last two years..

For the past two years, I had the privilege of volunteering at the house of our God, Jehovah, at the Philippines Branch! You can check out my Instagram account @zedorikusu, where I shared some highlights of my service there until it ended on December 31, 2023. I’m grateful to Jehovah for allowing me to serve him with my whole strength while I was there and made a lot of new friends and brothers and sisters in faith.

Hehe now hopefully, this explanation helps clarify why I was absent for the past two years. Although I tried my best to make some edits to the website posts, I wasn’t able to create guitar tabs newer than our Kingdom Song 97. Fortunately, I had some rare free time during the months of April and May 2023 to upload those guitar tabs.

Even though I had to “leave” this site for some time, the experience and special privilege of serving at Bethel was truly worth it haha

So… what’s next?

Moving forward, I will start transcribing guitar tabs for our JW songs again during my free time after work hours. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be posting new guitar tabs every Friday afternoon.1 Please check for an official update regarding this matter tomorrow, where I will provide more details before Friday.

Regarding more secular matters, I’ve returned to working with my father as a full-stack web developer, collaborating with some brothers and sisters (mostly) from my congregation.

At the same time, I eagerly await an opportunity to continue volunteering remotely, if that is Jehovah’s will. It promises to be an ideal blend – pioneering while contributing to the work at Bethel! 🥰

For you, it would be the guitar tabs from this site. But please, if you are at the age of 19 or above, please try, try to apply for theocratic goals open to you (if you haven’t already), and may Jehovah bless you richly as you also strive to serve him fully. You won’t regret it!

As you have always done, enjoy your visits here. Stay tuned for new guitar tabs starting on Friday and please don’t forget to check in for the exciting updates tomorrow, Thursday afternoon!

  1. So why Friday? Because it is the time that many consider as the start of the weekend! And besides noting that it is the time for ministry, it’s also a time that’s off-work or off-school yeah? hehe so that would mean more free time (likely not for RP’s tho huhu hahaha). ↩︎