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Here you are.

Here you are. 13 Renminbi.

I’d like to order 2 beers.

This literally means, “I would like to want.” With that in mind, try to say “I want.”

I want.

I want 12 Renminbi.

I would like to buy something.

Here you are. 14 Renminbi.

Do you have?

Do you have 1 Renminbi?

I don’t have any Renminbi.

I don’t want any Renminbi.

Don’t want.

Do you want?

Do you want 1 Renminbi?

I don’t want 1 Renminbi.

Do you want 11 Renminbi?


Do you want 13 Renminbi?

I want 16 Renminbi.

It’s not 15 units.

How much?

You’re literally asking: “Much? Little?” or “Much? Or little?”


How much money?

How many American dollars do you have?

I don’t have any American dollars.


A lot of

Or, literally, “very much.”

I have a lot of Renminbi.

But I don’t have any American dollars.

Do you want American dollars?


You’re not American.

I am American.

A little.

Or, “some”.

As with “money,” you don’t need the word for “units” when you say, “some.”

I have some Renminbi.

I have some American dollars.

I have a lot of American dollars.

But I don’t have any Renminbi.


Give me.

Give me some American dollars.

Okay. Here you are. 3 American dollars.

Do you have any Renminbi?


I have 17 Renminbi.



I have 19 American dollars.

How much Renminbi do you have?

18 units.

17 units.

Give me 1 Renminbi.

I don’t have any beer.

I’d like to order some beer.

I’d like to buy some beer.

As for me, I have some beer.

Here you are. 1 beer.

Give me 17 Renminbi.

I want some tea.

I’d like to order some tea.






Do you have American dollars?

No, I don’t have any American dollars.

What about Renminbi?

19 units.

It isn’t very much.

Excuse me. Please let me ask.

Where is Long Peace Street?

Is it located over there?

Or located over here?

Over there.

Thank you.

Don’t mention it.

I’m going to buy something.

Give me 15 American dollars.

Give me 17 or 18 American dollars.

No, I don’t have any Renminbi.

How much Renminbi do you want?

18 or 19 units.

Give me 19 units.

I give.

Or, “I’m giving.”

I’m giving you 10 American dollars.

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