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You speak too quickly.

It’s too expensive.

It’s more expensive.

50 Renminbi.

45 Renminbi.

61 Renminbi.

56 Renminbi.


Please give me 2 beers.

68 units is too expensive.

Is it enough? (var 1)

Is it enough? (var 2)

Do you have enough? (var 1)

Do you have enough? (var 2)

Yes, I have enough money.

I’m giving you 53 Renminbi.

63 Renminbi.

Where is your wife?

My wife? I don’t know.

Where is your husband?

My husband is over there.


He/She is over there.

“Ta” can mean can mean either “he” or “she depending on the context.

My husband? He’s over there.

Who’s over there?

My wife? She’s over there.

Is he/she over there?

He’s/She’s not over there. He’s/She’s over here.

What would your husband like to drink?

Mr. Chen.

The Chinese word for “husband” can also mean “mister”.

What would Mr. Chen like to drink?

What would he like to drink?

He would like to drink tea.

Or water.

Please come in.

Imagine you are in your hotel room in Beijing. Someone knocks at the door. Here’s how you’d say, “Please come in.”

You’ll use this expression when making an offer or inviting someone to do something.

Come in.

Please give me water.

You’ll use “ma fañi” when asking for something. It’s like saying, “Please give me.”

What would you like to drink?

What about your husband?

What about your wife?

What about Mrs. Elise?

Mrs. Elise.

What would Mrs. Elise like to drink?


Where do you2plural live?


You3plural live.

I live.

Where do you live?4normal speed

We live here.


We would like to.

We would like to drink something.

What would you5plural like to drink?

What would Mr. Chen like to drink?6normal speed

My husband and I.


And; Drink

My husband and I would like to drink something.

My husband and I would like to drink tea.

I too would like to.

Please give me some tea.

My wife and I.

We don’t live here.

Where is Mrs. Elise?

My wife is over there.

My wife is at my place.

We’d like to drink water.

Mr. Chen would like to drink water.

He would like to drink water.

But we’d like to drink beer.

31 Renminbi.

I have enough money.

Conversation with Mr. Chen

Imagine now that you’re in your hotel room in Beijing. You’re expecting a business visit from Mr. Chen, a Chinese colleague you’ve never met. Promptly, at the appointed time, there’s a knock on your door. What do you say?

Please come in.

He comes in. React to what he says next.


Hello Mr. Chen.

Please let me ask. Where’s your husband?

He’s not here.

Is he over there?

I don’t know.

Now suppose that you live in America. Suppose that your home in America is in Washington. Use this information in replying to his next question.

Where do you live in America?

We live in Washington.

What about you? Where do you live?

We live in Beijing.

Along with whom?

You, along with your wife, are located together?

Yes. I, along with my wife, are located together.

My wife and I live here.

At this moment, there’s another knock at the door.

Please come in.

Mr. Chen asks…


Meaning, “Who is it?”

It’s my husband.

Your husband enters and the two man shake hands. Ask the two of them:

Would you7plural like to drink something? (var 1)

Would you8plural like to drink something? (var 2)

Please, we’d like to drink some tea.

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