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How are you?

Very well.

Thank you.

Not very well.

I can’t speak Mandarin.

I don’t speak well.

Are you American?

Yes. (Am)

You are not American.

I am American. How about you?

I am not American.

You are not Chinese.


Are you Chinese?

Can you speak English?

No. (Can’t)

I can’t speak English.

How about you?

I can speak a little Mandarin.


In Chinese, this means, “understand the situation,” or, “understand what’s happening.” It’s not used to say “understand a language.”

You understand.

You can speak Mandarin.

I understand.

I can speak a little.


You speak Mandarin very well.

I don’t understand.


I don’t understand what you’re saying.

In most cases, it’s better to say, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

I am not Chinese.

But I can speak Mandarin.

But you speak Mandarin very well.

College (name of road)

College Road

This College Road is famous for its Chinese restaurants.



Where is College Road located?

In Chinese, you’re literally asking, “College road, located where?”


Located where?

This is not a yes/no question so you don’t need the “ma”.


Long Peace Street

The Long Peace Street is also called Changan Avenue.

Where is Long Peace Street located?

Over here.

Located over here.

Is it located over here?

Since you’re asking a “is it” instead of “where is”, you use “shur”.

Yes, it’s located over here.

No, it’s not located over here.

It’s located over there.

Where? Over there.

Not located over there.

Long Peace street is located over here.

Not located over here.

Located over there.

It’s not located over here. It’s located over there.

College Road is not located over there.

Long Peace Street is located over there.

But College Road is located over here.

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