Every teenager in our congregation was assigned a word or two from the lyrics of the Original Song “Joy of Conventions” to write down on a 1/8 illustration board and design the whole thing. It was for our performance when our congregation hosted the delegates of the 2019 International Convention.

Mine was from the line: “And I love you even though I never met you before.” Here’s how I did mine.

First Step

Second Step

I put some masking tape marking the phrase ‘Met You,’ so that I could doodle all over. I couldn’t put the tapes on the and U because they’re curved; for me, this was the hardest part of this phrase.

Third Step

Now time to mark this. But I had to be careful, hehe.

Fourth Step

Let’s go and remove the tapes:

Wow! Admittedly, this is ugly haha, but I cannot undo this; I can only make the letters smaller. But if I do that, the words won’t be visible anymore. What to do?

Fifth Step

I’ve come with a great idea! First, I have to make all of these doodled instead.

Although all my efforts for tracing the letters earlier were wasted, I think we can do something better here;)

Final Product (October 4, 2019)

Once I added the letters, my work is finished!

Laptop view.
Phone and Tablet view.

“And I love you even though I never met you before.”—from lyrics of ‘Joy of Conventions.’

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