This is Moby Dick Chapter 6: The Street (summary).
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People are scared of sailors and seamen who descend their ships and walk on Broadway St., on Chestnut St., on Regert St., on Water St., and on Wapping Street. But compared to the streets here on New Bedford, they’re nothing. Here on New Bedford, actual cannibals and savages stand and chat on every street and corner.

The Green Vermonters and the New Hampshire men from the Green Mountains have just arrived. They arrive every week at New Bedford. Moreover, these men are thirsty for gain and glory from fishery and whaling. 

By the corner, Ishmael saw a chap wearing a beaver hat, swallow-tailed coat, with a sheath-knife. Curiously, this man kept strutting about the corner of the street.

Additionally, New Bedford doesn’t only have harpooners, cannibals, and bumpkins. It also has the dearest town in all of England that anyone can ever dream of living in. They consider mansions here with opulent parks and gardens as mere houses. It’s as if all the people living here are rich. Furthermore, New Bedford is a land of oil, of corn, and of wine. In fact, every house, or mansion, has reservoirs of oil. 

During summer, the town is full of maples on long avenues of green and gold.

Maple trees on Moby Dick Chapter 6 Summary.
Maple trees.

And during August, beautiful and bountiful horses are driven on the streets. You will also see chestnuts and cones of congregated blossoms on every tree.

Pine cones in Moby Dick Chapter 6 Summary.
Pine cones.

Women bloom like their own red roses. However, roses only bloom during summer. But these women have cheeks that bloom all-year-round. Their sailor sweethearts at sea even smell their pleasing scent though their miles apart.

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