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This lesson’s another homework, or challenge you could say. Which means, you will do this on your own; you will squeeze your brains to finish this; and you will learn a lot! You’re going to create a new page in Django!

“Why do I have to do this?” I just said it–you will learn a lot. But, why will you learn a lot from this challenge? Because I know that all along, most of you guys were just typing and following along with me. And this lesson will stop you from doing so.

If you are fully confident that you can crush this challenge, then let’s get started. But, if you think that you’re not that ready to take on this challenge, still, let’s get started. Just kidding. You can go back to the previous lessons and review our discussions. And then you can come back here.

Now, let’s get started. Take a look at your homepage:

Our homepage in Lesson 15: Create a New Page in Django

Here, you have three goals:

  1. Place a button here on this page and name it ABOUT. (It’s up to you where you want to place it.)
  2. That ABOUT button should direct us to the ABOUT ME page. (So, you’ll create a new page in Django, too.)
  3. Inside that page, have an essay. Write whatever you want to say (that is appropriate and proper). For example, you can write down your feelings and experiences while you were doing this WORD COUNT website. Or, you can describe yourself in that page. It’s entirely up to you.

Tip: Do not go to the other lesson without this finished first. The next lesson is harder than this.

Wish you all the best!

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