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So far, we just keep on learning the basics in Python. But today, I want you to apply all your knowledge and create your own game using Python.

So here, I’ve created my own game and I’ve really used my creativity and imagination to create this game. It’s just a simple one but you can say that it is adventurous because it really is.

The setting would be on an uncharted jungle. And your mission is to find the Pink Panther diamond, and to have it alive. While you are typing and playing this game, you’ll notice that it is inspired by many movies. That’s because I love movies. Particularly, these movies are Pink Panther, Brave, and finally (and majorly), The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now let’s carry on to typing this game. Go ahead and make a new file and name it Zedd’

Note: Use Zedd’s for the filename because this is my game. You can do yours later.

Step-by-Step Steps:

  1. Type all these down on your editor. You can pause the video at anytime you’d want to.
  2. Finally, after typing these all down, play the game.
  3. After that, map the flow of the game on your notebook. Meaning, write down the step-by-step flow of the game until you’ve won it.
  4. Create your own game using Python. This will be your first and last project for Python. Work on it for a week.
  5. Finally, get back to Zedd’ and improve it as much as you can.

Note: It’s important to type all of these down first before playing the game. Or else, you’ll not be playing my game; you’ll be playing an error game.

I know that I could just simply put the file Zedd’ here on my blog or on Github. But I won’t do that because I want your hands and mind to get tired of typing all these and get used to all the code. Doing such will really make you a great developer. I hope you enjoy playing my own game and have fun making yours, too!

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