This is Moby Dick Chapter 30: The Pipe (summary).
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While Ahab was leaning over the bulwarks1a solid wall-like structure raised for defense; the side of a ship above the upper deck, he sent a sailor boy to get his ivory2the hard creamy-white modified dentine that composes the tusks of a tusked mammal (such as an elephant, walrus, or narwhal) stool and also his pipe below. He lit his pipe at the binnacle lamp, sat on his stool at the weather side3the side (as of a ship) to windward; the side exposed to weather, and smoked. 

The Danish kings in the old Norse times had thrones made out of tusks of the narwhal, too. And so this fact would make anyone think that Ahab has royal blood, since he’s also sitting on a stool made out of tusks. 

After some moments, Ahab soliloquized4to utter a soliloquy : talk to oneself about his pipe when he withdrew it from his mouth. He realized that smoking no longer soothes him. Instead, it toils his body and charm. 

A smoking pipe in Moby Dick Chapter 30 Summary
A smoking pipe.

Moreover, he said that smoking is only meant for people with mild white hairs, not for people with iron-grey hair like himself. And so he tossed his pipe into the sea, then he started to walk on the planks of the ship. 

End of Moby Dick Chapter 30: The Pipe (summary).

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