This is Moby Dick Chapter 31: Queen Mab (summary).
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The next morning, Stubb related his dream to King-Post, aka little Flask. He said that Captain Ahab had kicked him with his ivory leg. After that, he kicked back at Ahab and then Ahab became like a pyramid while Stubb kept on foolishly kicking at it. 

In fact, Ahab kicked him with his artificial foot, so it was not much of an insult. Because, according to Stubb, a real leg’s kick is fifty times more damaging than a fake one’s. Moreover, compared to a broad-footed farmer, Ahab has a bony foot’s tip reduced to only a point so it’s less damaging.

Then here comes the greatest joke of the dream: While Stubb was busy kicking at the pyramid, an old, badger-haired, hump-backed merman grabs his shoulders and turns him around. Stubb asked the merman if he wanted to get kicked. But when it turned its back at him and saw that it had marlin spikes on its butt, Stubb decided not to kick the merman.

Because of Stubb’s wise decision, the merman kept saying ‘wise Stubb, wise Stubb,’ endlessly. That pissed Stubb off to kick the pyramid again. However, the old merman stopped him and explained to him that Ahab kicked him with right good will. Besides, Ahab is a great man with a beautiful ivory leg, so he should consider his kick an honor.

In old England, the greatest lords consider a queen’s slap great glory. They even make garter-knights because of that. Likewise, the old merman advised Stubb to consider Ahab’s kick as a privilege and added that he shouldn’t kick back. Suddenly, the merman swum off into the air and then he woke up in his hammock. 

Flask confessed that Stubb’s dream was sort of foolish. But Stubb said it actually made him wise and made him realize to just leave Ahab alone. Promptly, Ahab shouts to look sharp for there are white whales nearby. 

End of Moby Dick Chapter 31: Queen Mab (summary).

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