This is Moby Dick Chapter 38: Dusk (summary).
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Sunset at dusk in Moby Dick Chapter 38 summary.
Sunset at dusk

Starbuck leans against the mainmast. He said Ahab stressed him out dramatically. Admittedly, he said he saw the dark side of the captain, but felt that he must still support him. 

Honestly, he really doesn’t want to support the captain’s cause. Yet, the frightening captain said there’s no turning back, no one can stop him, and that no one’s above him. Frankly, he said he wanted to rebel, although Ahab’s lurid eyes caused him to obey.

Suddenly, there was a revelry from the forecastle. By then, he complained about his futile and numb crewmates. He said Moby Dick is their Demogorgon.1The passage says ‘demigorgon.’ However, there’s no such word as ‘demigorgon.’ Theoretically, Melville may be referring to a mysterious spirit or deity often explained as a primeval creator god who antedates the gods of Greek mythology. See Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition. Starbuck nervously forebode2to have an inward conviction of (something, such as a coming ill or misfortune). that they may be having fun today, but something terrifying will happen to them.

Nevertheless, Starbuck encourages and uplifts himself from these horrors. Furthermore, he said he’ll try to fight this dark future. In the end, he prayed that may the blessed influences stand by him to help him survive through the voyage.

End of Moby Dick Chapter 38: Dusk (summary).

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