This is Moby Dick Chapter 37: Sunset (summary).
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Ahab, seated at the stern1the rear end of a boat; the back of a ship. windows in the cabin, gazes out to the sunset. He said that he doesn’t enjoy this lovely light because all loveliness is anguish to him. Moreover, even though he’s gifted with a high perception, he admitted he lacked the enjoying power. Later, he said ‘Good night!’ as he waved his hand and as he moved from the window. 

A beautiful ocean sunset in Moby Dick Chapter 37 Summary.
A beautiful ocean sunset

Shortly, he said that it was not that hard to find at least one stubborn person to support him with his madness. Although the crew thinks he’s mad, especially Starbuck, he stated he’s a demoniac and madness maddened. So, he’ll still do what he has dared and willed.

He recalled the prophecy that he’d lost his leg at sea, and it really has happened. So, he himself prophesied that he’ll dismember the one who dismembered him, Moby Dick. Then, he told Moby Dick that he has knocked Ahab down, but he is back up again. 

And even though Moby Dick has run and hid in the waters, Ahab’s fixed his path to hunting and taking the whale down. Additionally, he declared that no one can swerve him; that he’ll unerringly2committing no error; faultless, unfailing. have his revenge.

End of Moby Dick Chapter 37: Sunset (summary).

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