Finally finished learning Node.js in this course on Udemy! This course has a total of 11 sections76 lectures, and a total duration length of 12 hours and 3 minutes. I followed along with my teacher until the course finished.


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There is only one BIG project in this course.
Name: Devcamper project
Description: A publisher can create a bootcamp and inside the bootcamp, courses. A registered user can join a bootcamp and buy a course in that bootcamp. This is just the API or back-end side of this project. No user interface.

Course Description

This is a project based course where we build an extensive, in-depth backend API for DevCamper, a bootcamp directory app. We will start from scratch and end up with a professional deployed API with documentation. We will dive deep into Node, Express and MongoDB. Here are some of what you will learn in this course and project:

  • HTTP Essentials
  • Postman Client
  • RESTful APIs
  • Express Framework
  • Routing & Controller Methods
  • MongoDB Atlas & Compass
  • Mongoose ODM
  • Advanced Query (Pagination, filter, etc)
  • Models & Relationships
  • Middleware (Express & Mongoose)
  • MongoDB Geospatial Index / GeoJSON
  • Geocoding
  • Custom Error Handling
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Aggregation
  • Photo Upload
  • Authentication With JWT & Cookies
  • Emailing Password Reset Tokens
  • Custom Database Seeder Using JSON Files
  • Password & Token Hashing
  • Security: NoSQL Injection, XSS, etc
  • Creating Documentation
  • Deployment With PM2, NGINX, SSL

What you’ll learn

  • Real World Backend RESTful API For Bootcamp Directory App
  • HTTP Fundamentals (Req/Res Cycle, Status Codes, etc)
  • Advanced Mongoose Queries
  • JWT/Cookie Authentication
  • Express & Mongoose Middleware (Geocoding, Auth, Error Handling, etc)
  • API Security (NoSQL injection, XSS protection, Rate Limiting)
  • API Documentation & Deployment

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Modern JavaScript (ES6)
  • Basic programming principles
  • Basic knowledge of Node helps

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to learn backend web development with Node
  • React/Vue/Angular Frontend devs that want to be full stack devs

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