Know where the Power Button Symbol came from. Is it connected to the binary system? But how did that happen? In this article, you’ll find out!

The power button is one of the most famous icons that every guy could possibly know. Even someone who is not that familiar in computers and programming knows what this symbol is for.

How does it operate? We just push it a little and any device having that power symbol (that works) will power up. Unless, it’s already powered up or already turned on, once you press this button again, what will happen to the device? Yes, it will turn off. Very simple mechanics, isn’t it? Therefore it functions in two ways: first is ON and second is OFF.


Perhaps you have heard of this term from someone who likes mathematics or computing numbers. Or from someone who is a beginner or an experienced programmer. Try to ask them what binaries are for. But, you don’t have to bother if you don’t want to, because I’m going to share it to you here anyways.

The binary code was invented in 1689. Later, George Boole, an English mathematician, logician and educator, used the binary on computers in the 1930s. Additionally, it was one of the Boolean logic that was a noticeable breakthrough in the world of electronics and computers.

In the machine or computer language, 1 is ON and 0 is OFF. That’s correct. The binary system is a machine language. So, let’s get back to our question: “Why does the power symbol look like that?” Does it even have a connection on the binary system?

Alright. I’m sure you’ve noticed something about this power symbol. Doesn’t it look like a 1 at the top of a 0? Yup, it surely does look like that! And it is intentionally designed like that! Why is it designed like that?

As a summary, when you press the power button symbol, what will happen? That’s right. It will either turn the device ON or OFF. Thus, in the machine language, we either turn it to 1 or 0.

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