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An e-commerce platform (like Amazon) where you can add a product of your choice to your cart, pay, and even have it delivered to your home. But please take note that this is just a dummy website so I could buy all of the products here with my fake money, and thus, no delivery.

There’s also an admin feature in this site to control user information, the products, and all the orders at will. This platform is ready-made to be convertible to a real platform.

By the time I posted this blog, this platform had a total of 100 commits of code from March 25, 2021 to April 6, 2021—that’s almost two weeks of coding for only one website! This is by far the largest pet project I’ve ever built with ReactJS.

That being said, this platform has got a lot of features so I didn’t show all of them in the demo video above. Still, I encourage you to explore this website yourself so that you’ll feel the amazing shopping experience on this site. However, I am aware that this website has got a lot of bugs, so please feel free to create a pull request here or post an issue here to make the shopping experience better.

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  1. Hi, Zeddrix.  This is not related to the post, but I was looking for a demo of Brad Traversy’s Tracalorie app online and found one on your amazing blog. Would you be able to list what courses you took in what order? I’m currently taking up a Computer Science program at a city college, and I’m interested in becoming a full-stack developer. I feel like I might get stuck in tutorial hell. I have so many courses lined up that are yet to be taken. I would appreciate it if you could share your roadmap, all the courses you took, etc. Thank you in advance! God bless.

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